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For more information regarding league tennis at the La Jolla Tennis Club contact Scott Farr at 858.454.4434.

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La Jolla Tennis Club League Rules:

La Jolla Tennis Club encourages members’ participation in league play. Due to limited court availability not all LJTC teams will be eligible to play league designated “at home” matches at LJTC each season. To compensate, the cost of playing these “at home” matches offsite is currently partially offset by the La Jolla Tennis Club.

1. You must be a member of La Jolla Tennis Club to play on a LJTC Team. Even if the league that you are participating in does not require that you be a full dues paying member of the club you represent, LJTC DOES require current membership of all team members and substitutes. For an approved team to retain its scheduling priority, 2/3 of its regular players, not to include substitutes, must carry over to the new season.

2. LJTC Members, who wish to be on a league team, should contact the Manager or the League Chairperson to learn about potential teams on which to play. Captains of teams can also be contacted regarding participation.

3. No more than 3 courts can be reserved for league play on a given day.

4. There can be only 2 established play -at-home LJTC teams in each league division. A LJTC team shall be given seniority when at least 2/3 of its roster is filled by players who played in the previous season. BOTH the LJTC League Committee Chairperson and Club Manager must be given 2 WEEKS NOTICE of intent and team rosters must be submitted for approval AT LEAST 3 DAYS in advance of the official entry deadline established by the league organization (by email please). No more than half of the season matches can be “at home” games.

5. In order to support league play, no more than two approved teams may play at LJTC during the same season when their match days are the same. Only one team may play “at home” on the match day. If any other approved team requesting the same match day becomes the 3rd or 4th team in the same division, that team must find an alternate location for the season. Should an already existing team move up or down a level and create more than 2 teams in the same league division, or a previous season’s away team now qualify for “at home” play, a lottery system will determine which team will play away for that season. Thereafter, the away team will be guaranteed a slot as a home team in the next season. If required, a lottery system will also determine which one of the remaining teams will play at home in the next season. There will be no exceptions to the rule of only 3 courts being set aside for league play on any given day.

6. When the league dates are published, in the event of a scheduling conflict, the LJTC Manager and/or League Committee will work with captains to resolve the conflict.

Updated 01/25/2012 by League Committee Chair person: Jeff Elliott
League Committee members: Carolyn Blumenthal, Phifer Crute, Nancy Kutner, Christ Milesis, and Loren Pinn.

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We are a public membership club established in 1917 and chartered in 1923, with nine courts and a pro shop. We are nestled in the heart of La Jolla in San Diego, one block from the beautiful coastline of the Pacific Ocean.

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